Chictastic’s Best Dressed of the Week

I love seeing celebrities at events and judging if what they wore was a pass or fail. So for the first time ever, Chictastic is holding its first Best Dressed Awards!

Hopefully, this happens weekly. So scroll down to see who made the list!

First up is Emma Watson in Calvin Klein at Elle’s 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration. The look is from Klein’s Spring 2013 collection and, in my mind, made her have a resemblance to a Barbie doll (mainly because of the boxy-heels and its straps, which are also from Calvin Klein).

My favorite on this list is Solange Knowles in a Dolce & Gabbana dress at the American Ballet Theater Fall Opening Gala. I’m in love with that dress! And the gold accessories she has on complements it as well. Not a huge fan of the shoes though, but nevertheless, she looks gorgeous.

Next is Lea Michele in an Armani Dress at the “American Horror Story: Asylum” LA Screening.

Alexa Chung, British television presenter, model, contributing editor at British Vogue, and trendsetter, in Topshop at the “La Maison Cointreau” Launch.

Rita Ora, British songstress, in Emilio Pucci at Bergdorf Goodman’s 111th Anniversary.

Emma Watson made the Best Dressed list yet again this week in Prabal Gurung while starring on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Naya Rivera, Glee actress, at Elle’s 19th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration in a pale yellow, classy Moschino dress.

Sophia Bush at the 3rd Annual Autumn Party in a decorative and unique J. Mendel dress.

A break from all the women who have made this list. Let’s introduce Ben Affleck, the one and only guy on the list, who was at the “Argo” London Film Festival Premiere in Gucci.


Mason Martin Margiela x H&M Lookbook

With anticipation since July for the Margiela x H&M rising, the lookbook for the collection has finally been released. When news about the collection was released to the public, H&M representatives said, “We will bring together the contrasting universes of the two houses in ways that will surprise all.”

The collection is to be released on November 15 and all the women’s and men’s pieces were focused around shape and volume.

Here are some looks from the official lookbook:

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Isn’t it fabulous? Admittedly, the volume of some of the pieces is a bit extreme for me, but if you’re into that kind of stuff, then by all means. And remember to get your credit cards ready to shop the collection November 15th!

Burberry Prorsum and Topshop Unique SS13 Fashion Shows

What do you think about the new line? You can begin ordering looks from the show on the Burberry website right now through the 23rd.

You can shop not only the pieces that were modeled on the catwalk but the makeup that was shown as well on the Topshop website.

Happy shopping!

What? Chanel Sued for 200,000 Euros?

Photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar

What goes around comes around, I suppose. Chanel, the world famous luxury brand, was sued and ordered by the court to pay 200,000 euros ($258,400) to a former supplier of theirs. Chanel has been in more lawsuits with brands selling counterfeits of their designs than I have fingers and toes; which is understandable considering you can buy a knock-off $40 Chanel bag  on Canal in NYC.

World Tricot, the former supplier suing the Chanel brand whose known for their knitwear, apprehended Chanel in 2009 for copying their white crochet design. The court ruled them unjustifiable and World Tricot was ordered to pay 200,002 euros for “public disparagement”. But in a twisted turn of events, the Paris Court of Appeal changed their mind and, on Friday, ordered Chanel to pay for their fault of counterfeiting.

“This is the first time that we have faced this type of situation, although we work with close to 400 suppliers,” Bruno Pavlovsky, president of Chanel fashion, quotes on Vogue UK and WWD. “This very specific case is in no way reflection of the quality of our relations with our suppliers.”

Chanel will decide whether or not they choose to appeal this decision of the court soon.

NYFW Summary

Woah, what a week! So amazing, so hectic, it was fun while it lasted. With this year’s NYFW, you didn’t even have to be in New York to learn about the DLs (down-lows) of fashion week. Many designers had their shows online and, of course, just typing in topics in Google’s search box would leave a million fashion posts at your service. But if you didn’t get to do any of that because you were too busy to, don’t worry. This post is made just for you.

Victoria Beckham was not only the most popularly discussed designer of the week but the one to gain the most Twitter followers, gaining a total of 53k. Don’t worry, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Michael Kors were not forgotten. Diane Von Furstenburg partnered with Google by displaying Google Glass (Google’s Glasses) down her runway; those glasses are now featured on DVF’s Google+ page. The overall total amount of tweets for this huge event (which could possibly be counted for as both a fashionista’s and NYC’s holiday) is a leetle bit over 671k.

Whispr Group helped make a chart of the New York Fashion Week for all to see. This chart summarizes everything from tweets to trends and designers to hashtags.

*le sigh* Don’t you just love fashion week?!

It’s Baroque!

It's Baroque!
Baroque is Fall’s newest trend. Embrace it, learn from this inspiration board, and take a day off to start Fall’s first day on trend.
1. Baroque Peplum Top, $42, Miss Selfridge
2. Club L Belted Lace Dress, £25.00, Republic
3. Baroque Stretch Bracelet, $17, Dorothy Perkins
4. “Piedras” Swarovski Elements Moonlight Ring, $45, Liz Palacios
5. Baroque Collar Tips, $25, Topshop
6. Petites Printed Studded Shirt, $61, Miss Selfridge
7. Baroque Print Skater Dress, £ 23, House of Fraser
8. Little Mistress Two in One Oriental Bird Dress, £40, BANK
9. Black Long Sleeve Foil Baroque Mini Bodycon Dress, £35, River Island
10. Baroque Print Midi Bodycon Dress, $90, Topshop 
11. Baroque Print Legging , $35, Miss Selfridge
12. Turquoise Cabochon and Crystal Gold Cuff Bracelet, $45, 1928 Jewelry
13. Black Baroque Print Intarsia, Long Sleeve Cardigan, £40, River Island

Emma Watson Covers Glamour’s New Issue

The lovely star of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Harry Potter saga, Emma Watson, is covering Glamour‘s October issue. Leaving her innocent Hermione Granger character behind, Watson, 22, shows off her sultry side to readers (as well as everyone else at the grocery store and Walmart). In the issue, Watson discusses her life now that Harry Potter‘s over, dating, and (of course!) Hollywood’s hottest guys.

Her epiphany while filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower 
“Making this movie was so pivotal for me because I realized I do really want to be an actress, which wasn’t something I fully knew, since Harry Potter was such a singular experience. Obviously I’m nervous to see what other people think, but it kind of doesn’t matter to me. It’s so cheesy to say this, but it’s the journey, not the end goal, that’s important.”

After being caught kissing Will Adamowicz at Coachella…
“I know! My friend got me tickets for my birthday, and what am I going to say? No, I’m not going to go, because I don’t want to be photographed? But it was a huge crowd, and I thought there was no way anyone could get pictures of me, but somehow they found me. It’s difficult on my dating life, because anyone I get photographed with is automatically my boyfriend. So it just makes it look as if I’ve had, like, 6,000 boyfriends!”

And the new-found confidence behind her haircut…
“I have to for roles. But if I had it my way, I would have just kept it short forever. Of course, men like long hair. There’s no two ways about it. The majority of the boys around me were like, “Why did you do that? That’s such an error.” And I was like, “Well, honestly, I don’t really care what you think!” I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair—I felt really good in my own skin.”

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My Favorite Anna Wintour Looks

Anna Wintour. Just her name sends shivers down a fashion intern’s back and delivers respect from the fashion world. Ms. Wintour has been the editor-in-chief of Vogue US since 1988. She’s described by some as “unapproachable” and “emotionally distant”. In a documentary about Vogue’s September 2007 issue called The September Issue (of course), Creative Director of Vogue US, Grace Coddington, stated,

“I think she enjoys not being completely approachable. Just her office is very intimidating. You have to walk about a mile into the office before you get to her desk and I’m sure it’s intentional.”

(Vogue September 2007 is the second biggest issue they’ve ever made; their biggest made its debut this year, which you can read about here.) After going through photos of a Wintour Lookbook, I realized how this Queen Bee wasn’t always the unapproachable woman she is today. Old photos from the ’90s showed me just how much she liked to have fun with her clothes; and believe it or not, I got a party-girl/late-night vibe from her former fashion styles. Below is a slideshow of all the photos that are my favorites. Brace yourselves because the Anna Wintour you know and see today wasn’t always the straight faced serious businesswoman back then.
(Photos: Courtesy of NYMag)

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NY Mag’s Newest Cover Star

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot about magazines. And I mean a lot. I love magazines; I guess you can call me an addict. I’m subscribed to several and I read them all the time. And to add to this long list of magazines covered by Chictastic is New York Magazine.

Kim Kardashian on NY Mag’s newest issue.

I wouldn’t just cover this magazine for no apparent reason. What fascinates me about this magazine’s latest issue is its cover star. With a reality t.v. show on the E! network, her own fragrances, 15+ million Twitter followers, her media-24/7-covered relationships (including the one with her new man and her divorce with her old one), and just about everything in between, this celebrity is everywhere you go. She’s made headlines on your t.v. and landed covers on your favorite magazines. She may or may not be your favorite celebrity, but you can’t get away from her. And she recently made her debut on a more serious magazine; excluding her regular appearances on celeb magazines and women’s magazines. This celebrity is Kim Kardashian.

This cover star gained fame from…well, there’s no need to repeat it…but, for those of you who don’t know, she gained her fame from a released sex tape. Since then, she’s been pursuing a career that will overshadow her past and will hopefully make everyone forget that awful tape. She likes to consider herself as a “fashion designer, entrepreneur, author, and TV star”. (As told on her IMDb account.) Does anyone believe in second chances?

What do you think about her newest addition to her growing list of magazine covers? Do you think she fits NY Mag well? Do you think she’s a good representation of the magazine?